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As you look around the gyms of today, you will notice lots of equipment you wouldn’t have seen in the typical gyms of the 80’s and 90’s. Rows upon rows of one dimensional machines, attracting queues of muscle-clad and sweaty body builders have been replaced by cords, boards, balls, and seemingly simple body weight resistance items in an apparent shift towards a new era of training. 



Every business in the fitness industry has, or at least should have, taken the time to consider their philosophy in regard to training, exercise, nutrition and how they plan to achieve their clients goals.

This philosophy helps to keep the business focused in an ever-changing, fad-driven society and remain true to its fundamental reasons for existing in the first place. In addition, the belief system of the business is there to help clients to decide which will be the right business for them to join.

Before choosing a restaurant to go to, you take the time to know what they offer. Are they strictly vegetarian when you really want a piece of steak?  Will they change the menu on the day you arrive, ready to devour a delicious pizza only to discover they now only sell salads? You need to know what you’re buying, and more importantly, the business needs to know what it is selling. The same applies to gyms. Variety is the spice of life, they say. But what are you expecting from your gym, and are you getting that, or are you merely being sold the latest fad which might or might not work for you as the individual?

Considering the above, we decided our first newsletter would look at our philosophy at Pro-Fit and it is really quite simple.

Personalisation and Customisation, backed up by Professionalism and Knowledge.

We don’t believe in “the easy way”.
We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” workout.
We don’t believe in shortcuts to achieving health and vitality.
We do believe that it takes time, dedication, perseverance and sacrifice. And lots of it. But isn’t your health worth at least that?

In a world of quick fixes, this is no easy sell. It is far easier to sell the idea of a complete body transformation in 8 weeks, or the idea that every work out will be such fun that you won’t know you’re exercising. But an easier sell does not guarantee results. What an easier sell does guarantee is unrealistic expectations and an increased chance of failure. 

According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, about 50% of people make New Year Resolutions and the most common ones involve exercise or weight loss. That sounds good, right? It’s always good to try improve yourself. But the news isn’t always good. According to, a staggering 92% of people fail at their resolutions. quotes the number 1 reason for failing at your resolutions as “You’re treating a marathon like a sprint”. And the effects of a failed attempt at improving your fitness and health can be enormously damaging to your self-esteem and may even hinder you from trying again.

After extensive research at the University of Connecticut, kinesiology professor Dr Kraemer came to the conclusion that it is impossible to significantly change your body in 6-8 weeks. His comment was that these quick fix programs were simply a marketing tool to get new members.

“To make a change in how you look, you are talking about a significant period of training,” Dr. Kraemer said. “In our studies it takes six months to a year.” And, he added, that is with regular strength-training workouts, using the appropriate weights and with a carefully designed individualized program. “That is what the reality is,” he said.

And that is the reality that we at Pro-Fit believe in. While others follow the path of quick fixes (or is it perhaps just quick money for the business owner?!) we remain steadfast in our philosophy. We make no false promises but rather focus on the four main pillars of our business….





Because we know that you can do it. You can be a better you but not just for two months, not just for your upcoming wedding, not just for summer….but for the rest of your life and that’s where it really counts.

So here’s to a new year and a new you, for the whole year!

The Pro-Fit Team

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