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Ray Sanders:


Hi Byron,
As you know I have suffered pain in both ankles for several years. I saw an orthopedic surgeon a few years back and was told I needed ankle replacements. Not only expensive but a
complicated procedure.

I have been putting the operation off but this has curtailed many activities for me.

Having mentioned this to you on Monday two weeks back you immediately helped me with a series of ankle strengthening exercises.

From that day the level of pain has decreased significantly. The evening of doing the first set of exercises I was able to take our dog for a brisk walk with
no discomfort whatsoever.

This is an amazing feat as the simple act of walking caused considerable discomfort and pain.
In addition, also for the first time in many years, I was able to sleep with a blanket covering my feet. I used to put socks on in cool weather and pull the blankets off to the side.

I am very appreciative of you responding immediately to my need and for knowing exactly what to do.

Thank you again,
Kind regards
Ray Sanders




Karon McWilliam:

For many years I had tried the usual formula of going to a large gym on and off and then giving up. As a beginner, I felt uncomfortable in an environment which seemed to be full of young, already athletic people with perfect bodies. I needed something to motivate me, so that I could improve my fitness and lose some weight. I was urged by a good friend to try training with Cameron Carey at Pro Fit.
That was eight years ago. I am a naturally reluctant exerciser and often have poor discipline when it comes to food ‘treats’. Even so, through my regular training with Cameron at Pro Fit, I have developed a permanent ongoing relationship with exercise and I have learnt that there are no quick fixes. In order to get results you need consistent training under the guidance of a knowledgeable, motivated, professional who is trained to ensure that you carry out the exercises correctly. I have been surprised by what my body is capable of – and remain motivated to continue exercising. People who know me continue to be pretty surprised by this.
The staff Cameron employs at Pro Fit are all hand selected, well trained professionals who are closely monitored. They are extremely professional and dedicated to their clients. Each client is trained differently, depending on their particular goals and physical abilities. The training is focused on a combination of cardio, weights, Pilates and stretching.
Cameron has rehabilitated and strengthened my shoulder through an injury caused at another gym. He has worked through various weaknesses my body has presented from time to time and has strengthened them. He will push each client to exercise to the best of THEIR ability, whether they are 20 or 70 years old. I have seen him do wonders with many of his clients. During training he constantly monitors and corrects your technique and posture, and counsels you on sleeping and eating habits, stress levels, water consumption, etc.
There is ample guarded parking at the door and luxurious change-rooms (recently revamped) with showers. The entire environment is kept spotless (including the well-maintained state of the art equipment). You can have a post exercise protein shake prepped for you if you wish. Alternatively, after your workout collapse on the leather couch and read the newspaper whilst sipping on a delicious cappuccino (free to all Pro Fit members).

Ryan Smith:

The staff at Pro – Fit Gym are great it's easy to feel at home here, it’s private, clean, and free from all the B.S. you get at the big clubs. "I don't know how he does it, but every time I go in to train with Cameron it's like the first time all over again. The energy and enthusiasm he has for training is just unbelievable, it’s the hard work and constant variety and the results that keep me coming back for more. I walk out of my sessions ready to take on the world, and win!"

Peta Dreyer:

I have been a member of Pro-Fit since 2007 and still am! Obviously for very good reasons.

Mike Krige:

I’m really impressed with the service Pro Fit offers. All the trainers are knowledgeable and very helpful.
The one on one support takes all the thinking and guess work out about what exercise to do next or what muscle group you should be working resulting in your focus being soley on training.
Having a personal trainer really motivates you to push yourself further, ensuring that you see results sooner. It's great having a goal to work towards and not aimlessly going to gym without a purpose.
I thoroughly enjoy training at Pro Fit and would recommend it to anyone who would
like a lifestyle change for the good, whether it be experienced or first time gym goers.
It's just a pity I live in Joburg, otherwise I'd be there every day


Chris Walters:


Hi Cameron


I just thought I would let you know at how impressed I am with my experience at Pro-Fit.


After having “gymed’’ at various gyms and fitness clubs over the years, I can unequivocally say that Pro-Fit are a league apart! I thought I knew a bit about fitness and training, only to be humbled by my slave driver trainer Brandon at Pro-Fit. You and your teams attention to detail, professionalism and enthusiasm is unrivalled in my opinion and I have never had an experience training before like I have at Pro-Fit. Every workout I do I learn something new and with Brandon explaining in intricate detail the importance of form I know without question that I am with the right gym and right people.


I have never walked into ANY other gym where every trainer greets me with a smile even though I am not their client. This certainly helps the motivation when at 6 in the morning I’m still often half asleep and the workout motivation has not kicked in yet.


Please convey my gratitude to your team and especially Brandon. And keep it up because you and your team are certainly doing it right!!


Phil Claxton:


Bad habits such as insufficient physical inactivity, incorrect posture and lifting things incorrectly (better add age to that too) inevitably have their consequences. Mine came in the form of a slipped disc accompanied by a huge wake up call.


After a lot of physio I decided that enough was enough and it was off to the gym. Wanting individual attention I visited a number of private gyms before stumbling across Pro-Fit. The attention I received – and still do – was not only individual but was from a very knowledgeable instructor who was and still is very mindful of my back issue. The introduction to strengthening exercises was slow and gradual. The result is a much stronger back that is more supple, a constant awareness of how to sit, walk and lift things and a general overall improvement in my physical well-being.


I am of the firm belief that whether your goal falls in the range from fitness fanatic, through body building to general physical well-being, I most heartily recommend Pro-Fit’. 


Cathy Scholtz


It has been 5 months since I decided to join the Pro-Fit family and even though I still have a long way to go, I haven’t felt so strong and focused in a long time.


It was Keegan, who with Cameron’s contagious passion for his clients, have been pushing me to reach my goals, even if it was only to do a plank for more than 10 seconds.

Keegan’s ongoing support, expertise, patience, on and off-site motivation and care for his clients is selfless and his passion for Personal Training at Pro-Fit shines through him.


At Pro-Fit you’re not just a number with a clock-in card. Here EVERY trainer makes the effort of knowing your name and your goals, where one can have a laugh, get motivated, be pushed!

A place where the trainers actually CARE about you and your wellbeing, where the coffee is always on standby and where new friendships are made.

Pro-Fit is my happy place where when even I feel I can’t, they say I CAN and where one is always welcome, not only for a serious workout, but for a coffee and a chat. 


John Murphy


Since joining Pro-Fit six months ago I feel that my fitness, strength and zest for life has grown in leaps and bounds. Thanks to Byrone for his patience, expertise and humour. I always enjoy my sessions and recommend your gym highly to all interested in getting back in shape. Keep up the good work guys!


Mychelle Taylor


It was with trepidation that I approached Cameron at Pro-Fit for an assessment, at the recommendation of a friend. I was very quickly put at ease with the level of professionalism and genuine care shown by Cameron in his assessment of my lower back issues, discovering the root of the problem, discussing It with me in practical terms, ensuring that I understood the mechanics of the body workings, the effect on my body of my physical weaknesses and the way forward to rectify the matter. Then began an exciting journey of body repair and strengthening in the capable hands of Byron Funck. I feel truly blessed to be trained by Byron with his sincere & knowledgeable approach to getting my body back in shape, stronger & fitter resulting in huge improvements in lower back issues. It's a journey we're on together and that keeps me motivated. Thank you to the whole team for the happy, inspirational environment you have created in the gym for all users.


Bruce and Gayle Winship


Rolling back the clock to my mid-thirties. I found myself going down a road that when rolled forward 10 years or more would lead and leave me in a state of obesity. 

So the journey started above Standard Bank in Hillcrest. 


It was very hard to start and make the initial adjustments to our lifestyle and exercise regime.

There was a need for change on many aspects of our life. Cameron was a constant and was ever present to advise , coach and give excellent training. 


The years have passed and we are a lot more educated, in tune, healthier and stronger today than ever, even though we are 10 years on.  


Today we are able to live our lives to the full. We have seen the benefits of pro fit and have made the vision part of our lives and will continue to enjoy the fruits of up to date facilities, innovative mindsets and commitment to the ever changing world of fitness and nutrition and a productive life style. 


Thanks to Cameron and his team for being part of the solution to our lives.


Roger Day


Cameron has been my personal trainer for over 20 years. In all that time his enthusiasm and professionalism have been consistently at a very high level. He is able to keep the training interesting and effective by constantly changing the program and introducing new exercises. He constantly updates his tremendous knowledge on all aspects of health and fitness and through him I have been able to overcome quite severe knee problems as well as back ache and shoulder pain, while still being able to focus on my fitness and do well in cycling.


The whole Pro Fit team enthusiastically follow Cameron's example and when I go to the gym any time I see motivated clients training hard, but having fun and making progress towards their goals. Prof Fit has to be the best and most professional health and fitness centre in KZN, if not in SA


The Pro Fit equipment is not only current state of the art and is regularly updated, but also kept in excellent condition. There is always equipment available and the trainers go to lengths to make sure we know how to use the equipment properly.


Cameron and Pro Fit have been my inspiration and motivation in keeping healthy and fit and this has been such an important factor in my life. And no doubt this activity will continue to be an important part of my pending retirement. 


Martha Millichip


Dear Cameron,

I want to thank you for the fantastic service your gym provides. Your trainers are world class and put the "personal" in Personal Trainer. Brandon helps me approach every workout with professionalism and just the right amount of humor and encouragement to keep me moving. In spite of accidents and injuries, he has been able to adapt my training so that I have not had to take time out and lose ground. I love that there is always new equipment and that I have never had the same workout twice. Knowing that every session will be fresh and innovative has kept me coming back. (This is my longest relationship with a PT ever)

While I really enjoy my time at Pro-Fit - my husband is actually your biggest fan. You have gotten me back to healthy and happy (and a whole lot closer to hot) than I have been in years.

Thank you and keep up the good stuff!

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