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Services Offered:

We offer Private and Combo training sessions as well as group classes. We incorporate the following training concepts:

Private Sessions
Resistance Training

Controlled and innovative resistance training helps to increase muscle tone, natural strength and the condition of your tendons and ligaments. We offer versatility and all exercises are backed up by professional tuition. 

Weight Training

Weight training can never be completely replaced in a holistic exercise regime. Its benefits include an increased metabolism, fight osteoporosis, lower risk of diabetes and improved heart health. 

Stability and Rehabilitative Training

We utilize specialised techniques to improve stability and to increase core strength. This reduces the risk of back pain and improves balance and co-ordination.


Boxing / Kickboxing

This discipline is a dynamic and high intensity part of our holistic training program. Under careful supervision, we avoid injury and help you improve your cardiovascular fitness, reduce stress and increase your bone density.

Body Weight Training 

Our experienced trainers will guide you in exercises which will burn fat, strengthen your core and increase your flexibility all while using your own body mass, leading to an overall improvement in your condition.

Speed and Agility 

We incorporate this type of training to further meet sporting and age appropriate needs. Benefits include burning calories, increased bone density and improved co-ordination.


Power, speed and acceleration are the fundamentals benefits surrounding plyometric work. We include plyometric work at strategic points of the workout to further enhance your training results.

Functional / Core Training

Functional training is a concept of exercise in which the body is trained to better perform every day movements, therefore reducing the risk of injury in your daily life. Under our tuition, you will experience an increase in natural strength, improved balance and an increase in your range of motion in daily life.

We make use of training techniques specifically designed to improve your core strength which will lead to improved posture, strength and will assist your lower back.

Proprioception and Structural Maintenance

We use a variety of concepts and updated training techniques to increase our clients’ ability to maintain an extension of the spine and to allow for more body awareness during movement.

The above can also be achieved by our mobile trainer who will come to your home with all the necessary equipment.
Group Sessions
Pro-Box Classes

During this intense workout our clients experience a uniquely customized group design each week to cater for a fun filled and challenging group class. The class encompasses a variety of exercise concepts and is geared towards cardio and strength training.


The ultimate in fitness, strength, core and functional training group classes. These high intensity classes are customised to ensure compatibility between the group members, enhancing productivity and avoiding the common risks associated with other group classes.  

Integrated Health and Medical Services

“As a result of our approach to the structural integrity of our clients and their physiological needs, we work closely with a panel of medical experts that form an integral part of our wellness solution. Through constructive liaising and reporting between pro-Fit and our wellness partners, we are able to bring unique value to our holistic solutions for all of our clients.”

Biomechanical Screening

Achieving correct biomechanical function is the cornerstone of our belief system. Through an extensive series of detailed screening and testing, we are able to determine the specific malfunctions and imbalances that a client may be experiencing. This enables a professionally customized training design to suit our clients’ needs.”

Body Analysis

We offer a variety of basic medical testing such as blood pressure and glucose as well as body fat testing for weekly monitoring.

All training sessions are by appointment.

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